IF Fish Could Talk

Admiral R. Future

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Human Being

Thank you for allowing me to speak to your species today. Before I begin, I want you to know that on behalf of the millions of marine species in the oceans – we are not pleased with your species. You should also know the oceans represent 70 percent of this planet. Every breath you take, every food you eat, every weather system that you experience, everything in your life – is connected to our oceans. WE can live without YOU, but YOU cannot live without US…and time is seriously running out for ALL of us, and the future of our planet.  

Admiral R. Future



INTRODUCTION and Synopsis of My “If Fish Could Talk” Professional Speaking Presentations in 2014.

I am not a scientist, marine biologist, lobbyist, employee, or researcher. I am just a simple sailor. A simple sailor who has navigated over 100,000 nautical miles in her lifetime – many single-handed. A sailor who is passionate about the ocean. The ocean is my home.

So why should you pay attention to ME?

Because, cruising sailors see things and places along the world’s coastline that most people on our planet don’t know exist. We generally sail very slowly and venture into coastal villages and communities that are ignored or bypassed by most people in the world – as tourists, researchers, mega-yachts, or freighters. I believe that I ran my last marathon faster that my boat sails, and most of my cruising is coastal. (Most recently along the shores of western Canada, Unites States, South and Central America, and many unique islands along the route (Galapagos, Cocos, Las Perlas in Panama and many more.)

My love for the oceans and the unique cruising lifestyle began in the early 1980’s when my former husband Michael and I had a yearning desire to sail around the world. Our children, Sam and Charlie were ages 10 and 4 respectively, and after taking numerous courses and extensive preparation we set sail from British Columbia, Canada on a 2.5 year voyage that would change my life forever. Our 35,000 nautical mile voyage took us throughout the exquisite islands of the South Pacific Ocean to New Zealand and north to Japan – at a time when there was no GPS; rather, sails and a sextant were our only navigation tools.

I fell in love during this voyage. I fell in love with stunning sunrises and sunsets. I fell in love with snorkeling through brilliantly coloured coral reefs with an abundance of fascinating tropical fish. I fell in love with having the ability to catch our daily sustenance and exist primarily off the land and sea. I fell in love with sailing through pristine tropical islands surrounded by clear turquoise oceans with depths as far as the eye could see. I fell in love with the cruising lifestyle whereby one can take their family and small home anywhere in the world that’s attached to the ocean and live in these remote communities; eat their food, and enjoy their customs and culture.

Upon our return to Canada in 1989, I vowed that we would raise our children wholeheartedly, and enjoy traditional lifestyles; however, we would also strive to earn enough money to once again return to cruising on the ocean. The sea beckoned, and I could never let go.

Fast forward 30 years. Sam and Charlie became terrific young adults and married to wonderful daughters-in-law. I rode an outstanding wave in my career in the investment business in the ‘90s and retired in 2001. Sadly, I was no longer married; however, in my divorce settlement I was able to hang on to one bright glimmer of hope that represented a positive future: I got the boat!

Precious Metal is a luxurious steel, 47 foot custom-design cutter rig built in 1999 to sail anywhere in the world. She could have been called “Wish List” because I had inscribed a wish list in the back of my Log Book from the South Pacific voyage that included all of her exclusive amenities including: bathtub, wash and dryer, walk-in engine room with a full size work bench, cherry wood interior, and the best sails and rigging that money could buy.

In spite of my divorce, and my 50th year being the darkest of my life, I was determined to follow my dream of “sailing off into the sunset” and return to the cruising lifestyle that I once loved so intoxicatingly. In 2008, accompanied by my little dog Riley, we set sail on a 5 year, 25,000 ocean adventure of a lifetime: down the west coast of United States, Mexico, South and Central America, Panama and Galapagos.