What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo

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Many people dream of sailing off into the sunset; however, few ever find their sea legs. When Pamela Bendall releases the lines of her sailboat, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime – offshore cruising as a single woman.

With her precious dog Riley in tow, she navigates high seas and perfect storms, and endures engine fires and lightening strikes. Pamela is the first to admit ocean sailing is not always the idyllic solitude you might imagine. Things don’t always go as planned.

Blending humour, suspense, romance, strength and vulnerability in equal measure, Pamela Bendall’s wander-lusting spirit will take you on an engaging and inspiring voyage that navigates far beyond the scope of sailing. Set sail with Pamela as she experiences limitless life lessons relating to fear, ocean ecology, living in numerous Third World societies, and management of her 50,000 pound sailing vessel Precious Metal. Pamela will take you on a voyage of personal discovery. You will be inspired by her story. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW

Published by Pamela Bendall Enterprises
(Third Edition: January 2014)
ISBN 978-0-9921413-0-1
CAD$19.95 plus tax and shipping


Kids For Sail

True story of a Canadian family who sold their house, bought a yacht and set sail from the Yukon bound for New Zealand.

Published by Orca Books (January 1990)


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