Welcome to SkyMed Nautical!  

Thank you for your interest in SkyMed. Have you ever truly thought about what you would do in the event of a medical emergency or serious illness while you’re traveling – at sea or on land? SkyMed takes you home. We take YOU, your companion, your dependent children and grandchildren, your animals, vehicle, remains in the event of death, and BOAT!*

I am the Nautical Director for SkyMed International and have custom designed a Nautical Plan specifically for the global cruising community, and regular travelers. We have special prices in our new Nautical Plan to reflect where in the world that you’re traveling, and for how long.

There is no place like home when you are facing medical challenges in a foreign country – often in a foreign language, and without your compassionate friends and family as well as medical services.

SkyMed is an outstanding medical evacuation company based in Scottsdale, Arizona with over 350,000 members and an impressive 28 year history. We offer a tremendous number of superior services dedicated towards ensuring that any serious medical emergency is as seamless as possible: logistically, financially, and emotionally. Please keep in mind that the first 24 hours of treatment in a serious medical emergency determines the outcome, and could be the difference between how and whether you live. Choosing your emergency evacuation company is not a time to be frugal, uninformed, or indifferent.


  • Hospital-to- Hospital Emergency Air Transportation
  • Vessel Return ($5000.00) (Vehicle and RV)
  • Visitor Transportation when Hospitalized
  • Transportation For Recuperation Nearer Home
  • Commercial Carrier Medical Escort Flights
  • Minor Children/Grandchildren Return
  • Physical Remains Return in the Event of Death
  • Escort /Companion Transportation
  • Return Transportation After Recovery
  • Incidental Expense Allowance with Medical Flights
  • Organ Retrieval/Recipient Transportation
  • Primary Driver Disability*
  • SkyMed Plus (Pet Return)*
  • Ground Ambulance Transportation*
  • 100 Mile Waiver*
  • Helicopter Transportation*
  • Global Emergency Transportation Services (GETS)*
  • SkyMed Travel Club Membership is Free

A unique and special feature of SkyMed is that once you become a member, you never have to re-qualify medically, and you can travel for the rest of your life worry-free – knowing that we will bring you home. SkyMed is your license to travel for the rest of your life with no fine print or insurance restrictions. Also, your rate never changes due to age. I personally would never leave home without it, and truly believe that SkyMed Nautical should be an important inclusion in every cruiser’s safety protocol. 

Our special SkyMed Nautical prices are dependent on where and how long you’ll be sailing. Please contact me for more information and prices.


 Website: Bendall

Note that I will continue to enjoy cruising and will be spending the next season in Central America – currently El Salvador. This phone number is: 503-706-07900. Email is the best way to reach me. I prefer to keep everyone’s information in writing. In the rare instance that you can not reach me by email, please contact Nan at our SkyMed Head Office: 1-800-475-9633. Or just wait few days and I will answer your email as soon as I’m re-connected with Internet.